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Kids Inflatable Boxing Tumbler

Kids Inflatable Boxing Tumbler

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Introducing our Kids Inflatable Boxing Tumbler, the perfect way to keep your little ones active and entertained. This Kids Inflatable Boxing Tumbler is designed with children in mind, providing a safe and enjoyable outlet for their energy. Whether they want to practice their boxing skills or simply have fun knocking it down, this durable and engaging toy will provide hours of entertainment.


SAFE AND DURABLE: Crafted from high-quality, child-friendly materials, this Kids Inflatable Boxing Tumbler ensures a safe play environment for kids.

EASY TO INFLATE: The included air pump makes inflating the tumbler quick and effortless, allowing children to start playing in no time.

RESILIENT AND STABLE: Designed with a weighted base, the tumbler offers stability during play and rebounds back after being punched, adding excitement to the experience.

INTERACTIVE PARENT-CHILD PLAY: This toy encourages parents and children to engage in active play together, fostering a strong bond and promoting healthy communication.

COMPREHENSIVE SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Through punching, balancing, and coordination exercises, kids can enhance their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and concentration.


Product name: Kids Inflatable Boxing Tumbler

Weight: About 0.7kg

Material: Microfiber leather

Product process: High density tough polymerization process

Size: Height 1.6m and 1.2m


Basic Version:

Kids Inflatable Boxing Tumbler*1


Premium version:

Kids Inflatable Boxing Tumbler*1


Boxing gloves*1


Adult supervision is recommended to ensure a safe play environment. Please follow the provided inflation guidelines and avoid over-inflating the toy.

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