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Mini Portable Rechargeable Shaver

Mini Portable Rechargeable Shaver

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This compact and stylish shaver is designed for those who demand a sleek, portable grooming solution that fits their active lifestyle. With a rechargeable battery and precision blades, this shaver ensures a smooth and comfortable shaving experience wherever you are. 


COMPACT AND PORTABLE - The mini-sized design makes it easy to carry in your pocket, bag, or travel kit, ensuring you can groom anywhere, anytime.

REMOVES SHORT BEARDS - The turbo 3-blade shaver goes deep into the chin, throat and other areas, cleaning large areas one by one to maintain a fresh, clean look.

RECHARGEABLE BATTERY - Equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery, this shaver eliminates the need for disposable batteries, saving you time and money.

DUAL-RING BLADE MESH - Flexible metal veneer design Sharp, durable blades deliver a close, smooth shave that leaves your skin looking fresh and new.

EASY TO CLEAN - The removable cutter head is easy to clean in tap water, ensuring hygiene and convenience.


Battery durability: About an hour/60 days long use

Built-in battery capacity: 500mAh-800mAh

Power supply: Rechargeable

Cleaning method: Water washing (Removable blade)

Power: 5W

Charge time: 3 hours


1 * Mini Portable Rechargeable Shaver Kit


Charge the shaver before the first use to ensure optimal performance.

Store the shaver in a cool, dry place when not in use to maintain its quality.

Keep the shaver out of reach of children.

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