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Stainless Steel Toothpick Set 7pcs

Stainless Steel Toothpick Set 7pcs

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The World Health Organization recommends that maintaining oral hygiene every day can effectively prevent 70%of infectious diseases.

If you're feeling sick, start paying attention to your dental health now and let this handy gadget help you with those issues.

It is estimated that globally, more than 3.5 billion people will suffer from oral diseases and other oral conditions in 2022.

Oral care&cleaning tartar
stainless steel material,anti-corrosion,hygienic and easy to clean.

Dental Tool Kit
7-pieces set of parctical functions,a good helper for cleaning dead corners of teeth


We have an advantage compare with traditional bamboo stick
  • Traditional bamboo sticks may have sulfur fumigation process, which is harmful to human health 
  • Bamboo toothpicks are difficult to deal with the residues in special parts of the mouth 
  • One-time use, not environmentally friendly
  • Stainless steel toothpicks  made of selected food stainless steel safe and hygienic 
  • According to the oral structure design three shapes can easily remove the residue 
  • Can be used repeatedly more environmentally friendly

Elbow design 360° clean tooth debris
With curved elbow design, it can clean oral hygiene from multiple angles

Quickly clean the dirt between the front teeth
Like the traditional bamboo stick shape, it can quickly clean the external easy-to-clean parts such as incisors

How to use dental floss?
The method is simple and easy to learn
  1. Insert the floss in a A-shaped pattern Insert the floss in between teeth.
  2. Z-shaped cleaning between teeth.
  3. Flossing out food scraps


  • Using every day will give you the cleanest dental and freshest breath time and time again! Show your healthy smile to the world!

  • Portable Stainless Steel Toothpicks Instead of the cheap & weak dental scraping tools. It is made of smooth stainless steel metal with ultimate strength.

  • The stainless steel toothpick could serve as fruit picks, or help you open the phone slot, practical tools for camping, hiking, picnic, cycling, travel and daily using!

Product information

  • Material:304 stainless steel

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